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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Multilingualism at OOoAuthors ?

A couple of days ago I made a top-level folder at OOoAuthors for the German team to put translations in: They looked pretty happy, so I thought of doing the same for Korean. After all, Jeongkyu Kim already maintains Korean FAQs at OOoAuthors. So I offered him a top-level folder too: He loved the idea and will encourage the Korean team to contribute.

A few hours ago, Agnes (OOoAuthors reviewer) asked me for a similar folder for French So she could try translating a few docs too. Of course I said yes, and wished her luck.

This is a neat development, not something I expected. I hope that these projects are successful. I'm eager to see how things turn up.

If you are looking to translate OOoAuthors docs to your favourite language, just give me a shout (dcarrera at I would be happy to see these docs being used.


Blogger nicu said...

we have also a couple of people at the Romanian project who started to translate the User Guide.
i proposed them to use the OOoAuthors site, but they stil prefer their own ftp server.

my current plan is to upload to our NL website what we already have translated (two chapters) and in a few days when beta will be official to put an announcement for translations next to the announcement for beta, hoping this is a good reward for their work.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Daniel Carrera said...

Oh cool.

Well, if they ever wish a top-level folder for Romanian docs, just say the word. :-)


9:36 AM  
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